Let’s Get Crazy With Rock Music

A look into the history or origin of rock music tell us that rock music is a genre of popular music that originated in the 1950s as ‘rock and roll’ in America. It was invented by a man named Chuck Berry in 1955. Initially rock music was ‘black man’s’ music but the whites became interested in it and gradually appreciated it. This made it spread through to Europe especially in the United Kingdom.

In terms of music, rock is centered to the electric guitar as part of the band, together with the drum sets. It has been highly dominated by white male musicians in most parts of the world. It places a high degree in live performances rather than recordings done in studios.

General amazing facts about rock music
• It was started by a black man
• White pioneer male musicians are more recognized than the actual inventor who was a black.
• It was invented as a result of classical, blues and jazz music influence.

Rock is a genre of music that is popular among the youths all over the world. This has resulted in there being a perception that rock music is a revolt against adult principle and mannerism. It has also been associated with changes to social livelihood such as matters regarding to sex and drug abuse.
This does not disregard the fact that rock music can and has been used to spread life enhancing messages.

Rock bands that ‘ROCK(ED)’ in the industry
Rock music bands that have made it in the industry include:

• Fun
• Cold play
• Train
• The Beatles
• Eagles
• Rolling stones
• The Who
• The Byrds
There are so many bands that were and are popular in the industry and have brought a revolutionary change in the music industry.